Ch. 17: Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)

-informs, reminds, persuades
paid form of promotion, most visible aspect
public relations
-building and maintaining a positive image, handling unfavorable stories or events, and maintaining a positive relationship with the media
-free advertising
-can’t pay the media
sales promotion
-special incentives that encourage purchasing a product or service
personal selling
-communication between a buyer and seller
-POP (point of purchase) adverising
direct marketing
-sales and promotional techniques that deliver promotional materials individually
social marketing
-marketing though social media.
how do consumers perceive communication?
-on average, consumers need to be exposed to an ad 3 times to have it sink in their brains
-everyone perceives things differently
unconscious redirection of feelings
AIDA Model
1. awareness
2. interest
3. desire
4. action
laggard effect
-promotion doesn’t always have an immediate impact.