CH 13: Integrated Pest Management

to inhabit or overrun in numbers large enough to be harmful
Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
using preventive measure to keep pests from entering an operation in large numbers. a variety of pest control methods that include repairs, traps, bait, poison, etc. to eliminate pests

1.) Deny entry of pest
2.) Deny them food or shelter
3.) Work with the PCO to eliminate the ones that do enter.

Pest Control Operator (PCO)
Experts at applying, storing, and disposing of pesticides who have access to the most current and safe methods for eliminating pests. They are trained to determine the best methods for eliminating specific pests and are knowledgeable about local regulations.
Air Curtains
Devices installed above or alongside doors that blow a steady stream of air across an entryway, creating an air shield around open doors. Insects avoid them. Also called air doors or fly fans.
Chemicals used on plants that do not harm the plants, but kill pests and have negative repercussions on other species who ingest the chemicals.