Question Answer
what does g1 mean gap 1
what does s mean synthesis
what does g2 mean gap 2
what m mean mitosis
what it the first phase of mitosis prophase
whats the 2nd phase of M metaphase
whats the 3rd phase of M anaphase
what the 4th phase of M telophase
what is a chromosome chromosome is one long continuous thread of DNA that consists of numerous genes along with regulatory information
what is mitosis cell divison
what are the 4 stages of mitosis g1,s,g2,m
what is DNA double helix Each continuous, double-stranded DNA molecule makes one chromosome
what is Chromatin Interactions between parts of the histones further compact the DNA
whats a Supercoiled DNA The chromatin coils more and more tightly around orga- nizing proteins.
what is a DNA and histones DNA wraps at regular intervals around pro- teins called histones, forming chromatin
what is the ends of DNA molecules called telomeres

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