11-20-17 vocab

Term Definition
Menacing To get rid of, especially by killing
Anticipatory Incapable of being heard
Contemplate To observe or study thoughtfully
Confiscated To seize as if by authority
Inclination A disposition especially of the mind or will
Deftly Nimble; skilled; clever
Ungainly Not gracefully; awkward
Inaudibly Dull; lacking brilliance or radiance
Hilarity Craving large quantities of food
Liquidation Shape; features of the face; countenance
Defiance Shape; features of the face; countenance
Degradation An overwhelming quantity of words or criticisms
Lackluster Flawless; faultless
Voracious To come out gradually in drops, as sweat
Visage A state of violent excitement or emotion
Barrage A great number of people
Impeccably To thrust forward; project
Synagogue A Jewish house of worship
Exude A heterogeneous mixture; jumble
Delirium Violent spasms; seizures

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